If you are an avid saddle hunter, then you know the importance of having the right gear. And one crucial piece of equipment every saddle hunter needs is a good pair of knee pads. Knee pads not only protect you from sharp objects and rough terrain, but they also give you a soft place to sit when you are in your saddle for a long time. 

There are many different brands and types available on the market, but which ones are the best? 

In this guide, we will be exploring some of the top options for knee pads for saddle hunting, so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs and budget.

Best saddle hunting knee pads

Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2

_Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2
Age RangeAdult
ColorOd Green
MaterialFoam, Plastic, Rubber
Closure TypeBuckle
Padding Density1/2 inch
Non-slip CapYes
Package Dimensions11.6 x 7.9 x 2.6 inches
Package Weight0.36 Kilograms
Item Weight0.7 Pounds
Quantity1 Pair (Two Pads)
SizeOne size fits all

When it comes to choosing the best knee pads for saddle hunting, the Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 is an excellent choice. 

This hunting gear is made from high-quality materials, including foam, plastic, and rubber, to ensure reliable protection against abrasion. 

The half-inch dose of comfortable closed-cell foam padding on the inside makes it very comfortable and supportive, and the durable, non-slip rubber cap on the outside protects it and makes it last longer. 

With their dual hook and loop fastener and quick ON/OFF clip, these knee pads are easy to put on and take off. The one-size-fits-most design makes sizing hassle-free. 

Overall, users find these more comfortable than most others on the market because these are designed specifically for saddle.

If you want reliable and comfortable knee protection for saddle hunting, the Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 is a good choice.


  • Reasonably priced and cost-effective
  • Good quality and durable, can withstand rough use
  • Offers great knee protection, good coverage, and full protection
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Snug fit and stays in place, good for tactical training and airsoft


  • Straps may cause discomfort in the knee-pit area
  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for longer periods, and may cause soreness in the back of the legs

Valken Tactical Knee Pad

Valken Tactical Knee Pad
Age RangeAdult
ColorOlive Drab
MaterialNylon, Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Sport TypeAirsoft, Paintball
Impact ProtectionHigh impact polymer and X type TPU shell
ComfortSoft cushion pad on inner side
FlexibilityExtremely light and flexible, moves with body movement
Shock AbsorptionProvides excellent protection and shock absorption
Range of MotionUnique X type shell design allows better range of motion
AdjustabilityTwo easy adjustable straps for securing to most size players
WeightLightweight design to keep total gear weight low
Package Dimensions10.7 x 6.9 x 3.1 inches
Package Weight0.4 pounds

The Valken Tactical Knee Pad is a great piece of safety gear that can be used for any sport, outdoor activity, or shooting game. 

It is known for having hard shells in the shape of an X. This gives you a better range of motion and protects your knees from sudden impacts. It’s lightweight at 0.37 pounds, making it comfortable to wear during long hours of activity. 

The knee pad size is 11 inches by 7.9 inches, fitting most knee sizes. Furthermore, this set of pads is made of durable materials and has a secure grip to keep it in place while running or jumping. 

Its reliable features make it an excellent choice for saddle hunting.


  • Holds well and no sliding around.
  • Comfortable and strong.
  • Decent job of protecting knees.
  • Good for cosplay or costume purposes.
  • Made with high-quality plastic on the protection side and comfortable cushion on the inside.


  • Snug fit if you are a bigger person.
  • Hard plastic caps may fail after extended use in rough conditions.
  • Slides down during walking or running for some users.

EMERSONGEAR Tactical Knee Pads

EMERSONGEAR Tactical Knee Pads Combat Knee Cap Protector Paintball Airsoft
Age Range (Description)Adult
ColorDE (Desert)
MaterialEthylene Vinyl Acetate, Cotton
SportAirsoft, Paintball
Weight8.57 ounces
Dimensions10.39 x 7.24 x 3.07 inches
ProtectionFull protection for knees with reinforced stitching and thermoplastic housing
FlexibilityExtremely light and flexible for easy movement
Material UpgradeEVA 40° foamed cotton for better heat insulation, resilience, tensile strength, and cushioning force
ApplicationsMilitary, police, paintball, hunting, hiking, camping, shooting games
CompatibilityCan be perfectly matched with all tactical pants, but also provide excellent results when worn alone.

Saddle hunters are getting more and more interested in EMERSONGEAR Tactical Knee Pads because they offer comfort and protection during long hours of hunting. 

These knee pads are made for combat, paintball, airsoft, military, and army operations. This makes them strong and reliable for hunting. 

They come in a fully upgraded version with improved protective capabilities, making them a great alternative to other knee pads on the market. 

These tethrd knee pads have a great grip, which is important for saddle hunters to keep their balance in their treestands

When considering knee pads for saddle hunting, EMERSONGEAR Tactical Knee Pads are worth considering for their added protection, and their sleek and lightweight design, which won’t hamper movement while in use.


  • Good knee pads at a good cost
  • Works great for saddle hunting
  • Lightweight and comfortable, couldn’t tell they were there on the walk into the woods
  • Suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, camping, and shooting games
  • Provides full protection for the knees
  • Adjustable elastic band allows for flexible size adjustment


  • The durability of the attachments was questioned for the price.

Bucket Boss Utility Camo Knee Pads

Bucket Boss Utility Camo Knee Pads in Mossy Oak
BrandBucket Boss
Age RangeAdult
Closure TypeHook and Loop
Padding MaterialLightweight molded foam
Cap MaterialMossy Oak 600 poly ripstop
Lining MaterialTricot
Strap TypeElastic with hook and loop closure
Suitable forNon-marring applications, DIY jobs, saddle hunting
Weight2.24 ounces
Product Dimensions7.5 x 4.5 x 8 inches

The Bucket Boss tactical camo knee pads are a great option for saddle hunters. 

These knee pads are made with lightweight molded foam padding and a tricot lining to keep you safe and comfortable for long periods of time. 

The hook-and-loop closure on the elastic strap keeps them in place and keeps them from sliding down as you walk a long way to your hunting spot. 

Not only are these knee pads functional, but they also come in a Mossy Oak camo design that blends seamlessly into your hunting attire and tree bark.

Overall, the Bucket Boss Utility Camo Knee Pads offer a practical solution for saddle hunters, providing both protection and style on their hunting trips.


  • The product is exactly what the customers needed. (Mentioned in reviews)
  • Lightweight knee pads that do not slide down the leg while walking.
  • Good enough for the price.
  • They stay in place pretty well and do a good job.


  • Wear quickly.
  • Half of the velcro ripped off the first time it was separated out of the box.
  • Cheap quality and falls apart easily according to a customer.

ALTA 52913.09 AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad

ALTA 52913.09 AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad, Olive Green Nylon Fabric, AltaLOK Fastening, Flexible Cap, Round, Olive Green
Age RangeAdult
ColorOlive Green
Item Dimensions9.02 x 4.02 x 11.02 inches
Country of manufactureMexico
Package Dimensions13.4″ L x 8″ W x 4″ H
Product Dimensions9.02 x 4.02 x 11.02 inches

The ALTA 52913.09 AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad is a good choice for saddle hunters who want knee protection that is both comfortable and durable. 

This knee pad is made in a way that makes it more comfortable and gives you a wider range of motion. The hinged top panels with an added grip strip ensure that the knee pad does not slide down when running or kneeling on gravel. 

It is made with olive-green nylon fabric and has the AltaLOK fastening for a secure fit. 

This knee pad is not only suitable for tactical use, but also for hunting, construction, and other activities that require knee protection.


  • High quality and well-made knee pads that are durable and withstand abuse.
  • Comfortable to use and provide good cushioning and protection for knees.
  • The knee pads hold up well and do not move around when worn.
  • They are suitable for various activities like airsoft, tree climbing, hunting, caving, and work.
  • They provide protection against bruises, cuts, and scrapes while keeping clothing intact.
  • The knee pads are easy to attach and remove.


  • The knee pads might be too big for small legs, and the knee cap may appear oversized.
  • Elastic top straps can lose their elasticity over time, and the attachment buckles can come undone.
  • The knee pad may move slightly around during rigorous activities due to having only two anchor points.

Saddle hunting knee pads buying guide

When it comes to choosing the best knee pads for saddle hunting, factors like size, material, grip, and weight all play a crucial role in making your hunting experience comfortable and enjoyable. 

It is important to choose knee pads that fit well and are not too loose or tight. 

Material like neoprene or nylon should be breathable and comfortable to wear for long periods. 

The grip of the knee pads is important to ensure that you don’t slip while climbing up trees for a better view. 

Weight is also a crucial factor to consider, as you don’t want your knee pads to weigh you down while you’re on the move. 

By taking these factors into consideration, you can select the best knee pads for your saddle hunting needs and make your experience a memorable one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are white or black knee pads better?

Both white and black knee pads can be suitable for volleyball, but black knee pads may offer better thermal stability in different weather conditions. In colder weather, black knee pads can help keep you warm, while in warmer weather, they may provide better moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry.

Ultimately, the choice between white and black knee pads may come down to personal preference and any specific features or benefits offered by a particular brand or model.

Do you need knee pads for saddle hunting?

No, knee pads are not typically needed for saddle hunting. However, some people prefer to wear them for extra comfort and support.

What is the difference between a knee guard and a knee brace?

A knee guard is a lightweight device that provides light compression and protection to the knee and is generally made of neoprene or other stretchy material. A knee brace, on the other hand, is a more rigid support designed to limit movement and range of motion in the joint. Knee braces are typically used for medical conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, ACL tears, or ligament sprains.

What equipment is needed for saddle hunting?

The most essential pieces of equipment for saddle hunting include a good quality saddle, a bridle, a halter and reins, stirrups and stirrup leathers, an appropriate saddle pad, and a set of spurs. Other helpful items include a breastplate to help secure the saddle in place, protective chaps or leggings for your legs, a rope or lariat to tie off the animal after it has been shot, and hunting accessories such as binoculars or rangefinders.

How do I make my saddle hunting comfortable?

1. Make sure your saddle fits properly and is the correct size for you.
2. Invest in a saddle pad that provides cushioning and support.
3. Take regular breaks to stretch and rest your body during long hunting trips.
4. Wear comfortable, breathable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement or rub against the saddle.
5. Choose a saddle with a wide seat and supportive panels to provide more stability while riding.
6. Use stirrups with the correct length for your leg length, to reduce strain on your knees and ankles when riding for longer periods of time.
7. Always check your tack and equipment to ensure everything is secure before beginning your ride, and make any necessary adjustments as needed.

Do you need climbing sticks for saddle hunting?

No, climbing sticks are not necessary for saddle hunting. However, they can be used to increase your stability and comfort when you are in the saddle.

How do I know what size knee pad to get for saddle hunting?

The size of knee pads needed for saddle hunting depends on the size and shape of your legs. To find the right size, measure the circumference around your leg at the top of your kneecap. You can then use this measurement to determine what size knee pad you need.

What are the 2 types of knee pads?

1. Hard Shell Knee Pads: These knee pads offer maximum protection and are made of a hard shell, usually plastic or polycarbonate. They have foam padding and are designed to cushion the knee from impact and abrasions.

2. Soft Shell Knee Pads: These knee pads offer good protection with less bulk than hard shell pads. They are made of flexible materials, such as neoprene or spandex, with foam padding for cushioning and shock absorption.

Are gel knee pads better than foam?

It depends on the individual’s needs and preferences. Gel knee pads are more flexible, lightweight, and comfortable than foam, but they may not offer as much protection from impacts. Foam knee pads provide increased cushioning and shock absorption, but can be bulky and less comfortable. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which type of knee pad is best for them.

Why do mountain bikers wear knee pads?

Mountain bikers wear knee pads to protect their knees from scrapes, cuts, and bruises that are common when biking over rough terrain. Knee pads can also help cushion the impact of falls or crashes, reducing the risk of more serious injuries.

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